Frequently Asked Questions

Growing money has never been easier.

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How does Stack work?

Stack helps simplify investing for you! After you answer a couple of questions, a nobel-prize winning algorithm and our dedicated team of experts assess your responses and determine the perfect investment strategy customised to your goals.

Invest in different pre-designed portfolios that help you grow your money like a pro, with returns that are much more promising than saving accounts and FDs.

Why should I trust Stack with my money?

Stack takes your information and property seriously. We encrypt all user data with bank grade TLS hack-proof security and safeguard our app through MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) to protect your sensitive information.

Where does my money go?

Stack doesn't hold your money. We invest them in diverse funds that promise much better returns than your bank saving accounts or FDs can yield. We partner with leading AMCs to offer Stacks (or personalised portfolios) that hold diverse and unique opportunities to grow your wealth effortlessly.

Can I withdraw my money anytime I want?

Yes! The money you invest in your Stacks is put in Liquid funds which offer the ease of having cash-in-hand quickly. There is no lock-in period and your withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hrs (1 business day).

Is there any fee for using Stack?

Stack charges NO fees for the usage of our app!