The Stack Rewards and Referral Program

24 February 2022
The Stack Rewards and Referral Program

How do I get rewarded on Stack?

Stack encourages good investing behaviour by rewarding you at multiple stages:

  1. Rewards at sign-up
  2. Rewards every time you invest in a goal
  3. Referring Stack to friends and family

What rewards do I receive on sign-up

-US stocks and Cryptocurrencies!

When you complete signing up for the first time on the Stack app, we reward you with a completely free ‘Unlock’ (worth INR 10) immediately. You can use this ‘Unlock’ to redeem any US stocks or Cryptocurrency of your choice.

(P.S 10 Rs in Bitcoin is worth approx 97L right now 😱)
(P.P.S These rewards never remain static either. The value of signup rewards on Stack adapt in-keeping with the value of the US market and crypto rises)

What rewards do I receive everytime I invest via the Stack app?

-US stocks and Cryptocurrencies worth upto Rs 10,000!

Everytime you invest in your goals (and yes, we mean every single time) you receive an ‘Unlock’ and a bunch of Stack Coins.

Your ‘Unlock’ can be redeemed to purchase any of your fav US stocks or Cryptocurrency such as stocks in giants such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Tesla or any Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Dodge, Polygon etc.

Collecting Stack Coins are a fun bonus too! Redeem them to participate in our lucky draw contests for a chance to win exciting merchandise.

How do I claim my rewards?

Claiming your ‘Unlock’ on Stack is easy.

Step 1: Simply go to the rewards section on the app and swipe right on the 🔒 icon to ‘Unlock’ your reward

Step 2: Then simply pick your fav stocks and crypto to claim as rewards

What is the Stack Referral program, how does it work?

Besides rewards, another quick way to earn completely free US stocks and Crypto is through our referral program.

1. Click the referral card on the ‘Home’ page of the app

2. Copy your unique referral code or send it through SM to a friend

3. Once your friend downloads the app, ask them to use it

4. After they successfully make their first investment via Stack, you receive your ‘Unlock’ worth INR 100 to redeem towards the US stocks or Crypto of your choice!

BONUS: Your friend also receives their own opportunity to ‘Unlock’ US stocks or Crypto (worth INR 50)

What are gems? How can I use them?

For every successful referral you make (ie. once your referred friend downloads Stack and makes their first investment through it), you also receive a gem stone. Collect them to enter our weekly exclusive jackpots where you stand a chance to win the new Airpod Pros and other exciting goodies!

How do I enter the exclusive jackpots for a chance to win Airpod Pros and other exclusive goodies?

Simply go to the merch or giveaway you wish to enter and swipe unlock!