The Financial Apps you NEED to have on your phone 2022

06 April 2022
The Financial Apps you NEED to have on your phone 2022

If you don’t have these fintech apps on your phone- download them now and thank us later! Here’s a round-up of the financial apps that make your life better- from enabling online UPI payments, to personal loans, stocks trading, mutual fund investing, pay-later services, personal finance, and much much more.

Google Pay

While many may swear on PayTM’s digital wallet as a game changer in fintech (and we do too), with the advent of UPI,  Google Pay has truly emerged as the top online payment app out there. Smooth and slick user design meets one-stop-shop accessibility, in this easy to use app, that often partners with merchants for offers and rewards. You may use Google Pay to transfer money to friends, pay bills, shop online, and recharge your phone all using UPI and directly from your bank account.


You may have heard of WazirX by now. It was one of the first-movers in India's crupto scene and continues to gain in popularity among its users that use the platform can enjoy crypto trading in INR, USD, BTC and even P2P methods.  It even has its own cryptocurrency, WRX, which can be bought using INR.


When we say discount brokerage, we think Zerodha. Founded in 2010, Zerodha disrupted the retail investment market with trading brokerage rates as low as INR 20/trade. Beloved by many for its simplistic and transparent investing options, advanced charting tools, and accessible technical analysis, it is easy to see why Zerodha makes the list.


Not to toot our own horn, but we truly believe Stack belongs in every ‘New investing apps to look out for’ list, this year. There may be tonnes of investing apps out there, that help you pick individually pick stocks and Mutual funds to invest in, but with Stack, you get a uniquely intimate and customised approach. We build personalised portfolios that are perfectly constructed for YOUR life goals, risk levels and larger investment objectives. Just keep your eye on the prize and tell us your goal and tenure period and we do ALL the rest. From building a solid and diversified plan to adapting your investing strategy periodically, we’re on a mission to help you understand money and grow it systematically.


If you're on the hunt for a money manager app then look no further. Walnut is easily one of the best daily cost tracking apps on the market right now. It tracks your monthly expenses in an automated and secure manner so that you can stick to your budget, pay your bills on time, and save extra money while you're at it! Walnut also helps you track how much you spend on food, shopping, groceries, and other expenses, as well as how much you save every month.


We believe the demand for credit is growing at an exponential rate in this country. More and more people are looking towards credit to cover unexpected bills and immediate cash-crunch issues. Its no shock then, that Slice is rapidly growing in brand value. Slice is a Buy-Now-Pay-Later card that provides credit options without the need for extensive verification and even supports financing to those who may have irregular income streams or bad credit scores.


Dhani offers accessible personal loans through their app and boasts about approving loans ranging from INR 3,000 up to INR 3 Lakh, in less than 3 minutes. Customers who repay their loans on time and on schedule are then approved to receive larger loan amounts on subsequent loans from the company. Dhani clients also earn points by using the Dhani app or Dhani card to make purchases, allowing them to earn more or effectively reduce their EMIs.