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Refer, earn and pile those Stack Coins up high!

25 August 2021
Refer, earn and pile those Stack Coins up high!

Here at Stack we love some positive reinforcement! When you use the Stack App you earn Stack Coins. We reward all sorts of financially healthy behaviours like completing your KYC, beginning your first goal-based saving strategy (exciting!), funding it, boosting it and even referring the app to your friends!

For each and every one of such actions you earn Stack Coins (valued at 10 SC = 1 INR) which you may choose to use in a multitude of ways.

Either you redeem them as cashback for a quick buck or better yet use them to re-invest and boost any of your goals to reach that finish line faster.

The possibilities are endless!

What's even more awesome is that Stack Coins help you reach those goals faster 🏃‍♂️, they incentivise re-investing even when you may be short of savings during a money crunch.

For instance - Imagine this month money’s been tight (we’ve all been there :/ ) you only have enough for a grocery run but don’t think you’ll be able to save much otherwise. Hang in there! If you top up your Stack Card and use it towards buying those groceries then you’ll end up receiving Stack Coins which you can DEFINITELY use to boost your Stacks in the right direction.

Sharing is caring 🤝

You earn Stack Coins with every successful referral but what's more? You friend, too, receives their share of  Coins so that they can begin their Stack savings and investment journey with a bang! That's what we call a win-win situation!

And don’t forget you can also track all your coin activity the whole time! At the Coin Dashboard!

Now go on and start Stacking those Stack coins!