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Why index funds are the smartest way to invest passively

Index funds are a form of passive investing because they allow investors to buy a lot of stocks at once and hold them for the long term. What’s more, they have lower associated costs than actively managed funds.

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blog-img 19 Aug 2021

Why women must invest differently than men

When it comes to investing, women are considered to be far less aggressive than men. Investing behaviour patterns of women include being risk aware, considering consistent returns over fast money, and investing in long term strategies.

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blog-img 17 Aug 2021

ETFs, Index Funds & why passive investing is the future!

You don’t have to actively buy and sell stocks to find success with investing. Index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) make it easy for investors to cheaply and easily invest in a basket of assets

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blog-img 15 Aug 2021

How does Stack keep your personal information protected?

At Stack we understand that money is intimate and personal. With security scanning and multi-factor authentication, you can be assured your security is Stack’s top priority.

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blog-img 06 Aug 2021

Refer, earn and pile those Stack Coins up high!

Get rewarded on using different features of the app with Stack Coins (valued at 10 SC=1 INR) which you may choose to use in a multitude of ways.

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blog-img 04 Aug 2021

Rules that make investing fun!

Our Rules help automate your savings strategy, so that your investments practically run on autopilot. Stack makes rules fun - they help you quantify your goals, visualise them and make your journey towards achieving them effortless.

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blog-img 03 Aug 2021

Introducing Stacks® - The smartest way to save

Goal based investing helps in better returns, and has the added advantage of helping you quantify those goals and turn them into reality, by helping you put into practice a better financial discipline.

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blog-img 01 Aug 2021