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Safer ways to introduce cryptocurrency in your portfolio

While cryptocurrency is known to be highly volatile. In the last couple of years the merits of investing in crypto have also been highlighted though. Luckily, there are newer and safer ways to hold cryptocurrencies, let’s explore some of these.

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blog-img 26 May 2022

Alternative investments in India

Alternate investments simply refer to any class of assets which do not include your traditional stocks, bonds, or cash-related securities.

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Investing in debt funds

There seems to be a common misconception in investing circles, that debt funds are the way to go when the market dips. Is this really true?

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Small finance banks and their limitations

Small finance banks are financial institutions that cater to provide financial and banking services to segments of society that get neglected by conventional banking systems, but are they really safe?

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London Bridge, nope... Indian Rupee is falling down

The Rupee stands at its all-time low at approx 77.41 to the Dollar, clocking in a 3.5% downfall so far. To examine how this impacts us as investors and consumers alike, let's first see how we got in such a position in the first place.

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Why and how to invest in gold

Shaky unstable markets like the one we’re witnessing can undoubtedly have an impact on our financial future. If you’re looking for safer assets to hedge your investments then gold is a tried and true friend.

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blog-img 11 May 2022

4 key reasons behind the recent stock market shed and the next steps you can take

While many investors are dismayed by the shift in the market tides, let’s explore the reasons behind the recent market turbulence to better understand how to tackle them

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blog-img 09 May 2022

Top 10 mutual funds to invest in 2022

We understand that picking the right mutual fund is often a time-consuming and comprehensive process. If you’re still looking for some easy and unbiased suggestions on the top mutual funds to invest in 2022, then here’s what we’ve found.

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Should you invest when the markets are high?

Oftentimes we hold out on investing during bull runs, in anticipation of the markets correcting themselves or thinking that you should probably wait till the prices are cheaper again. The fact of the matter is, should you really invest when the markets are high?

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blog-img 13 Apr 2022

The risks related to bonds

If you too are considering whether this is the right time to add bonds to your portfolio, here are some helpful things to first keep in mind.

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blog-img 12 Apr 2022

Index Funds vs ETFs: which one is right for you?

Passive investing is a great way to grow your money long term, but if you’re on the fence about whether index funds or ETFs are the better option, then here’s what you should keep in mind.

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blog-img 08 Apr 2022

The Financial Apps you NEED to have on your phone 2022

If you don’t have these fintech apps on your phone- download them now and thank us later! Here’s a round-up of the financial apps that make your life better!

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blog-img 06 Apr 2022

Steps to build the best index fund strategy

You’ve heard why index funds are all the rage. They help you invest passively and are usually more cost-effective than actively managed funds available in the market. If you’re wondering how to go about it, then here’s how you can build the best index fund investing strategy for you.

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blog-img 06 Apr 2022

The 5 steps towards choosing the right Mutual fund for you

Given the number of schemes and mutual fund options available today, it can get confusing to pick the best mutual fund to invest in. Don’t worry though, we’ll help you categorise and systematically consider all the mutual fund investing options available to you, through this quick read.

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blog-img 31 Mar 2022

The best place to invest during market volatilities

The world has seen many geopolitical tensions- war, famine, and economic crises. In times of uncertainty, markets tend to go haywire, making equity investors question - which is the right asset for me?

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blog-img 24 Mar 2022

Determining your risk profile

Before you jump into investing it is integral that you assess what your risk profile exactly is. In investing, a risk profile is an individual’s ability to withstand risks such as market fluctuations.

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blog-img 25 Feb 2022

The Stack Rewards and Referral Program

Investing with Stack means serious REWARDS! Stack encourages good investing behaviour by rewarding you at multiple stages

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blog-img 24 Feb 2022

The 10 most common financial mistakes

It's crucial to remember, that the decisions you make today and the habits you develop now will have a lasting impact on the remainder of your financial life. Here are some of the top ten financial mistakes, as well as some helpful ways to avoid them.

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blog-img 23 Feb 2022