All you need to know about - The Champion

28 December 2021
All you need to know about - The Champion

Masters of money and managing it, Champions know how to make their money work.

Champions are those who ace at smart investing and managing their personal finances. Making their money make more money is almost like their superpower! They often have a clear idea about what they want from life and how to achieve it. Analytical and perceptive, these are the friends you go to for financial advice.

The Champion's guide to the universe

Champions believe in playing smart, not hard. They value and understand the power of money, and are constantly looking to up their game by making smarter and wiser financial decisions. They read a lot 📕, and we mean A LOT, of articles and market news, and are usually the first ones to know about anything new happening in the hush-hush circles.

The Champions Money Mantra

Champions believe in one thing and one thing only- Na baap bada na bhaiyya, sabse bada RUPAIYA 💸💸💸 They believe in not just growing money gradually but compounding it.

Afterall, in a Champion’s playbook 1+1=11!

What's in store for Champions on Stack?

1. Investment Guru

Being a baller 😎 is a full time job, but experts can need a bit of help too! Stack’s portfolio analyser can help champions understand their investments better.

2. Risk hai toh ishq hai?

In the investment world, it’s common to see people promoting a large risk appetite, afterall, the larger the risk the bigger the rewards, and while Champions can get carried away with this thought, Stack is here to gather the information needed to discern whether they are overexposed to any particular stock or sector, reminding them to diversify their portfolio, profitably.

Our advice to Champions

1. Don’t get blindsided

Champions are naturally optimistic and confident people, and that’s great! It allows them to invest securely in their long term goals. Too much and too frequent trading can, however, lead Champions to get blindsided and unable to accurately access their investments.

So when it comes to investing, champions need to strike a balance between confidence and control.

2. The Bigger Picture

While Champions may constantly be on the hustle, it can benefit them to take a step back and view the bigger picture to see what strategies ACTUALLY worked for them. Annual portfolio reviews can help Champions understand whether what they thought would work, actually did or was an epic fail.

Some famous people who share The Champion Stack Avatar

Warren Buffet, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Steve Jobs, Mukesh Ambani

Movies and TV shows The Champions love binging-

The Wolf of Wallstreet, The Big Short, Scam 1992, Moneyball, Guru